KEYCard V1 was minted for 0.18 Ethereum on November 18, 2021 and was the first ever NFT in the KEYS ecosystem. KEYCard holders gain equal access and benefits to the highest MAMBA tier in the LoyalKEY program alongside exclusive discounted rates on products and services with KEYPartners worldwide.

Real-Life Utilities

Your exclusive digital card to the KEYS ecosystem. Enjoy customized services with our 24/7 concierge, exclusive discounts with KEY partners, interaction and growth with a powerful network, and unparalleled access in the KEYS Metaverse.



The Nightfall Group

The Nightfall Group is the bespoke global travel concierge and luxury rentals company providing KEYCard holders with exclusive rates for villas, cars, yachts, jets, and travel related services.

Jason Of Beverly Hills

Jason Arasheben is a celebrity jeweller and KEYCard partner who has made pieces for Justin Bieber, Los Angeles Lakers, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and many more celebrities and championship teams.

Whitelist Mykonos

Stella and Dimitris, founders and managers of Whitelist Mykonos, are living and working on the island since 2014, with enthusiasm, passion for excellence and devotion to attend KEYCard holders individual needs.


The 118 Club



What is the 118 Club?

KEYCard is a members-only community that has naturally formed a private network of 118 members who share ideas, feedback, and opportunities to improve the KEYS ecosystem.

When was the mint?

The KEYCard minted at 18:18:18 PST December 28, 2021 for a price of 0.18 ETH. In order to mint you must have been holding a minimum of 8,888 KEYS Tokens. The mint sold out in 32 seconds.

What’s the purpose?

KEYCard V1 holders gain exclusive access to progress information and airdrops from NFT collections within the KEYS product ecosystem. Furthermore, we strive to provide value with extraordinary lifestyle benefits for KEYCard holders ranging from networking benefits to experiences and items in the physical and digital worlds.

Who leads KEYCard?

The holders have direct communicaton with the KEYS leadership team and a unified approach to work together to add value and make improvements on a daily basis. KEYCard is a community-driven project and is not led by any individual, but rather the sum of all individuals coming together as one.

Why should I join?

Because you will get airdrops on a regular basis, gain knowledge about metaverse and relevant industries, connect with like-minded individuals, access exclusive discounts with key partners worldwide, and become a VIP in all KEYS events in the physical and digital worlds.

What’s next?

Elevation in LoyalKEY tiers, early access to project mercury, numerous airdrops from the KEYS product ecosystem, metaverse gameplay experience for selected regions, VIP at all our events, and most notable early access to information about upcoming news releases from KEYS Token.

About Us

118 Members. 1 Mission. KEYCard is all about unity and mutual benefits. We strive to create value through collective growth for our holders while empowering people to become the best version of themselves and enjoy life to the fullest.